Silicone Removal

DSR-5 easily and quickly removes silicone and polyurethane caulks from a multitude of surfaces without damaging coatings or surrounding materials.

It's totally effective and absolutely safe on metals, including aluminum, glass, reflective glass, mirrors, wood furniture, floors, cabinets fiberglass, gel coat, Plexiglas, polycarbonates, most plastics, most carpets, vinyl,  fabrics, upholstery and clothing, varnished, urethaned or painted surfaces, stone surfaces, cultured marble, tiles Formica, Corian®, ceramics, enamel and porcelain surfaces, and brick.

Photos show Dow Corning silicone 791 tested to ASTM C 794-93 specs on a galvanized aluminum surface.



1. Apply DSR-5 break the bond

2. Scrape to break the bond

3. Reapply on residue
and wipe

4. Silicone is completely


Adhesive Removal

DSR-5 also cleanly removes butyl and urethane sealants and adhesives, glue, foam gasket tape, film or foam attachment tapes, including very high bond acrylics, transfer adhesives (emulsion or water based), duct tape, coatings, chewing gum and most other sticky substrates and their residue from all surfaces.